Schweitzer Chapel Newsletter
Schweitzer Chapel Newsletter

About Schweitzer Chapel

Who we are & What we're about

Mission Statement of Schweitzer Chapel

The Schweitzer Chapel provides a place of worship for the people of Schweitzer Mountain, a retreat facility with a historical tradition of serving Christian youth groups on weekends and Holidays of the ski season and a meeting place for Christian organizations throughout the year. Both a Catholic Mass and a non-denominational Christian service are available during the ski season. Schweitzer Chapel is a non-profit Christian organization, administered in public trust by a volunteer board of directors.

Features of Schweitzer Chapel

There are several unique qualities of the Chapel that make it attractive to the many youth and church groups that use it continuously in the winter season. In addition to having a separate, intimate sanctuary for worship, this ski-in/ski-out Chapel provides a kitchen facility, dining area, recreational area and a two-story dormitory that sleeps 48 people. The dormitory has separate men’s and women’s floors and full bathrooms and shower facilities for each.


Feelings for the Chapel

These are best expressed with a prayer which was given many years ago and is included in the original by-laws.

Our Father, we thank You for Your many blessings upon our endeavor to build this beautiful chapel. May we always remember that the beauty of this mountain which has given us so much pleasure, and which we love so dearly, was created by YOU. Guide us in our decisions, and show us the way so all may know this was done for YOUR sake and in YOUR name. AMEN


Schweitzer Chapel Board Members

Brad & Janice Baldwin

Bob & Susan Stiger

Scott & Michele Magnuson

Lori Frank Joy

Erik & Krista Gilbert

Mary & Mark Brinkman 

Worship Area

The Chapel provides a separate, intimate sanctuary for worship for the peace, quiet and separation from all the recreational activities.

Resort Location

Just as the name indicates, the Chapel is located at the beautiful and growing Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Lodging Facilities

The Chapel has a kitchen facility, dining area, recreational area and a recently built two-story dormitory that sleeps 48 people.

Recreational Activities

Being a ski in/ski out Chapel, there’s many opportunities for recreation both inside & out. Skiing, sledding, pool table, ping pong, foos ball, lots of games and more…

Large Capacity

With a new two-story dormitory that sleeps 48 people with separate men’s and women’s floors, full bathrooms and shower facilities for each… the chapel is well equipped for both large and small groups.

Village Facilities

Schweitzer Mountain Resort has all convenience amenities available through the small shops in the village including a convenience store, pizza place, restaurants, and much, much more!

have a youth group or chrisitan event planned but don’t have a venue?
Schedule your retreat up on the beautiful mountain resort at Schweitzer Chapel in Sandpoint!
How it came to be...

History of Schweitzer Chapel

The main sanctuary was built with volunteer effort and donated materials. It was completed and dedicated in 1978 and has been home to Catholic and non-denominational Protestant services ever since. In 1982 a youth center was completed on the lower level through the generosity of the Metcalf family, and dedicated to their son Rick, a cross country skier caught in an avalanche the year before.

The final addition, a 48 bed dormitory attached to the original sanctuary building, was completed in 1999 and together this complex provides a full-service retreat facility for church youth and adult groups throughout the year. The dreams and dedicated support of many people throughout Schweitzer’s existence have come to fruition in this wonderful facility.